Riboflavin powder [Vitamin B2]

  • Lactoflavin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin G
  • CAS Number: 83-88-5
  • EC Number: 201-507-1
  • Chemical Formula: 376.36 g/mol
  • Molecular Weight: 376.36 g/mol
Riboflavin powder [Vitamin B2]
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Riboflavin is the water-soluble essential vitamin also known as Vitamin B2. This is a yellow to orange-yellow crystalline powder that melts at about 280°C and its sature solution is nuetral to litmus. When dry, it is not affected by diffused light, but when in solution, light induces deterioration. One gram of riboflavin dissolves in 3 - 20 litres of water, the large variation being dur to difference in the internal crystalline structure of the molecule. It is less soluble in alcohol than in water, insolublem in ether and in chloroform, but is very soluble in dilute solutions of alkali. It shows polymorphism.
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