About Us

Supply and distribution

Vita Actives is a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of bulk nutraceuticals and food grade ingredients for the dietary supplements, functional foods, vitamins, minerals and herbal product markets. Vita Actives was founded in 2006 with the expressed goal of providing a premium ingredient supply service at the best available cost to customers. This is achieved by a streamlined supplier and distribution network coupled with our ongoing commitment to ingredient R&D and optimisation of the administration and logistics. Our knowledge, expertise and financial stability make us uniquely qualified to meet the demands of large industries, but equally we are also happy to provide re-packed raw materials in smaller quantities at reasonable prices to fulfil your needs. All enquiries large or small are dealt with equal importance by our sales team as per our “Fair-Treat” policy.

Service quality

Vita Actives has utilized a wide range of experience and expertise to establish thoroughly-documented systems that are consistently used in all areas of business. We are proud to explicitly define accountabilities and reporting relationships for all positions in our business system. All employees are extensively-trained and closely-monitored in the use of these systems. Purity and quality are paramount at Vita Actives - all of our products are sourced from well-established Principles. All our ingredients meet or exceed nutraceutical and food grade requirements and specifications, and are intended for human and animal consumption. Due to the high potency, purity, and excellent quality of our ingredients, Vita Actives will become your preferred supplier for all your needs.

Customer orientated business

Vita Actives can help to save you money. By streamlining the supply and delivery processes, we reduce overheads and provide ingredients at a competitive price. This is our guarantee to our customers. We pride ourselves on fast order fulfilment and shipping, and aim to provide the shortest lead time possible. Additionally, we believe that Vita Actives’s biggest asset is its customers. We employ a customer service team of educated, enthusiastic and pleasant people who work to help you select the right product to satisfy your needs. They will endeavour to obtain your feedback and to continue to provide you with the relevant and most up-to-date information on our raw materials directly from manufacturers and R&D companies. We circulate a bi-monthly newsletter to provide updates on interesting raw materials, health topics, and nutrition research. We also circulate a monthly newsletter to familiarise customers with our extensive portfolio, and a fortnightly newsletter on new ingredient arrivals, price updates and special offers.