Zinc bisglycinate powder [28% Zn]

  • Zinc glycinate; Zinc glycine chelate; Zinc bisglycinate
  • CAS Number: 14281-83-5
  • Chemical Formula: Zn(H2NCH2COO)2
  • Molecular Weight: 213.53 g/ mol
Zinc bisglycinate powder [28% Zn]
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Zinc bisglycinate is produced by chemical reaction between glycine and Zinc oxide, it consists of a bivalent Zinc ion linked to two molecules of glycine. The zinc metal is bound to the carboxyl group and to the α-amino group of glycine with coordinate covalent bonds. This 1:2 metal to ligand ratio restricts reaction with dietary inhibitors of the metal absorption and prevents the metal from participating in oxidation reactions. This is a white coloured fine crystalline powder.
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