AMIZATE - Salmon Protein Hydrolysate powder

  • Fish Peptone, Peptone from fish
  • CAS Number: 91079-42-4
AMIZATE - Salmon Protein Hydrolysate powder
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AMIZATE® are patented and highly purified enzymatic salmon fish protein hydrolysate made from fresh marine protein (Atlantic salmon), and manufactured under controlled conditions to obtain unique functional and nutritional properties. Zymtech’s proprietary enzymatic production process mimics the digestive systems of organic life to give a unique product consisting of exclusively natural amino acids, short peptides, and micronutrients. Amizate® has exceptional nutritional value and contains all components necessary for protein synthesis and support of vital metabolic functions. Amizate® has a balanced amino acid composition, which is also characteristic of human tissue. The amino acid content of Amizate® is approximately 75%. The amino acids are present in free form (60% or more), and as short peptides (molecular size less than 560 Dalton). Amizate® is intended for use as a nutritional supplement and is not a Novel Food under the European Novel Food Regulation. This is a slightly yellow to light orange coloured powder.
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