Beta-Carotene 20% [HPLC] Beadlets [SD]

  • β-Carotene; Provitamin A
  • CAS Number: 7235-40-7 [Pure β-Carotene]
  • EC Number: 230-636-6 [Pure β-Carotene]
  • Chemical Formula: C40H56 [Pure β-Carotene]
  • Molecular Weight: 536.87 g/mol [Pure β-Carotene]
Beta-Carotene 20% [HPLC] Beadlets [SD]
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Beta-Carotene is a naturally-occurring provitamin of vitamin A. These are red or reddish brown beadlets with white spots of starch. Beta Carotene 20% Beadlets (SD) are produced by proprietary manufacturing technology and they are suitable for use in solid dosage (tablets and capsules).
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