What We Do

Are you reformulating? OR Developing a new product? Vita Actives can help! Your one stop solution for all your product needs?
What do we do at the Innovation Centre?
We create innovative and customized products just for you!
Our dedicated team of experts carry an in depth knowledge of the health, nutrition, cosmetic and nutricosmetic industry and can share insights specific to the sector including a fast way to the market, trends, regulatory guidance, health claims [EFSA], labelling and more. It is our guiding principle to collaborate with our business partners (Customers as well as Suppliers) for building long term relationships. We strongly beleive in listening to our customers, developing an understanding about their challenges, and collaborate to provide an array of solutions by bringing together our formulation expertise, scientific knowledge and technical skills.
Customized ingredients
Yes! We can develop ingredients and customized solutions just for you! This may include ingredients that are developed to overcome specific formulation challenges or to provide an enhacement in delivery technology, bioavailability or product stability.
Solid dosage
[Tablets and Capsules]
Our team of experts understand the know/how of tabletting and encapsulation. we can provide advance solutions with regards to release systems (immediate or modified), coating solutions, tab in tab, multi-layer and effervescent product formulations.
Powder Formulations
If you are looking for technically advance powder formulation where ingredietns are stable and synergistic? OR If you need a competitive edge over your competition by having an innovative solution and flavour / taste profile to your product, Our team of experts can help!
Nutrition Bars
We will be happy to develop customised bars for you, our expertise lie in bars that are low in carbohydrates, low GI, high protein, nutrition rich clean label bars, nutrition bars that are easy on the stomach and bars with specific health claims.
Whether you need a beverage which is high in protein, a breakfast smoothie or a beverage for a specific physiological condition (e.g. muscle building, recovery, pre-workout), our team at Vita Actives are always looking forward to work with you!
Bread, Bakery and Confectionary
We have great knowledge, expertise and state of the art facility to create healthy and great tasting bread, buscuits and customized confectionary solutions for large scale projects.
We specialise in natural and healthy cosmetic products including shampoos, face packs, shaving creams, anti-ageing creams and hair colours.
We strongly beleive in beauty from within. Nutricosmetics are taken orally to help restore and strengthen the skin and body repair system. Vita Actives team can provide safe and effective solutions for skin and body health, enhancing beauty from within using botanical actives, enzymes, proteins and vitamins.
Animal Nutrition
At Vita Actives, we specialise in providing natural, healthy and customised formulation solutions, technical information and dosage design for animal health including cattle, calves, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses, camels and the pet food sector.
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Pharmaceutical experts at Vita Actives can help you with development of new products, product registration, market authorisation and manufacturing solution for Europe, middle east, Africa and India.