Menaquinon-7, 1.0% [10,000 ppm] powder [Vitamin K2 –MK7] [Racemic]

  • (all-E)-2-(3,7,11,15,19,23,27-heptamethyl-2,6,10,14,18,22,26-octacosaheptaenyl)-3-methyl-1,4-naphthalenedione; Vitamin MK-7; Menaquinone K7; MK-7; Vitamin K2(35)
  • CAS Number: 2124-57-4; 27670-94-6
  • Chemical Formula: C46H64O2
  • Molecular Weight: 649.0 g/mol
Menaquinon-7, 1.0% [10,000 ppm] powder [Vitamin K2 –MK7] [Racemic]
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Menaquinone – 7 is manufactured by Fermentation from Natto (fermented soybean product) and a unique process for isolating Menaquinone -7. Menaquinone-7 is a monologue of Vitamin K2. This product is standardised with NLT 1.0% (10,000 μg/g) Menaquinone-7 (by HPLC on as is basis).
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