Omega 3 Fish Oil [4020 TG]

  • Omega Oil [4020TG]; Fish Oil – concentrated to high omega 3 content
  • CAS Number: 10417-94-4 [EPA]; 6217-54-5 [DHA]
  • Chemical Formula: C20H30O2 [EPA]; C22H32O2 [DHA]
  • Molecular Weight: 302.45 g/mol [EPA]; 328.48 g/mol [DHA]
Omega 3 Fish Oil [4020 TG]
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Omega 3 fish oil is a a concentrated omega 3 oil produced via molecular distillation of crude fish body oil. This oil contains NLT 700 mg/g total Omega-3 as triglycerides (TG), NLT 670 mg/g total Omega-3 as Free Fatt Acid (FFA), 400 mg/g EPA as TG, 380 mg/g EPA as FFA, 200 mg/g DHA as TG and 190 mg/g DHA as FFA.
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